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We are a team of photographers/videographers with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. But most importantly, we are artists with a creative drive that will add a personal, professional edge to the products we offer.

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H Squared Photography Services
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For a free quote please e-mail us at fantasticweddingphotography@yahoo.com or call us at 757-759-2247
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With six years of experience and over 200 weddings! Serving Hampton Roads, Richmond, and beyond.  For a free quote: e-mail  |  phone:  757-759-2247
$2000 all day photography
Special Discount 1: Show us our brochure you received at a bridal show to claim your discount.
Special Discount 2: Off peak days/months and short notice weddings may be eligible to receive special discounts.
Save hundreds on printing costs versus other photographers: Amazing quality professional prints from your on-line gallery are currently at 0% markup: $1.99 an 8x10, a 16x20 for $15.99, about $5.99 shipping per order.
All your images will be beautifully edited
Two photographers
All day services, prep, ceremony, and reception!
Full resolution images with printing rights on a USB drive
On-line gallery
On average 600-1200 images or 75-150 an hour
No limit on the number of images - Some clients may receive 200 an hour in special cases
Award winning photographer
Chris, our primary photographer, has been the primary Photographer for over 200 weddings.
Premium HDR image editing makes skies and details pop just like the human eye naturally sees.

We have a full time wedding photographer and videographer available every day of the week.
Short notice discounts available. If your wedding is within 3 months, call for a lower quote.
We currently are not offering photo and video combination packages.

$2600 combo package
Ceremony and Reception Videography
Two full length DVDs of the ceremony and reception
Includes a three person team
About us:
   We are a team of long time friends who run Fantastic Wedding Photography. This is Chris's full time career. We are loving members of our community and we support our families, including Chris's mother and niece, with our business. We specialize in weddings. Chris has been the primary photographer for over 200 weddings.

What we do differently:
   First, we provide exceptional service and do everything possible to take amazing photographs, including using custom lighting equipment for exceptional image quality, and special cameras that remove limitations most photographers face.
   Second, when other photographers shoot one or two images we shoot 5 or 10 in a burst, catching split second moments and facial expressions other photographers miss. We take on average about 8,000 photos per wedding. See our Burst Gallery for examples of why we do this and how it makes a difference.
   Third, we are professionals who keep shooting images at your wedding. We will not drink or spend inordinate amounts of time mingling with guests.
   Fourth, we are the only wedding photographers that will show you entire weddings, how we edit images, and how we like to shoot them, so you know what you are getting when you book with us. We aren't photographers who get lucky and get amazing photographs once in a while and show you only the best of the best on a single gallery, we offer a consistent, quality product time and time again. We even put together information on how to get the best images from your wedding day, for example, scheduling extra time for just the bride and groom for a romantic portrait session.
Wedding Photography with Premium Image Editing
Wedding Videography - Highlight Videos
This is Fantastic Photography's very first highlight video, completed in February 2018!
We are offering discounts while we continue to build our videography portfolio!
Yes, we provide videography only, photo only, work with other photographers and videographers, or you can book a photo/video combo package with us!
​Coverage starts from $500 for just a few hours up to $2,000, but we are offering discounts as we build our videography portfolio!
Photography and Videography Combination