My name is Chris and I am a photographer who worked under the management of H Squared Photo and Video, then I started Fantastic Photography, my own separate company, after Amy, the owner of H Squared became mentally disabled and moved away with family to help take care of her. I took over the website and photography division to continue support for previous clients and I also had to purchase new equipment to fulfill the video jobs that Amy had yet to shoot while she finished editing her existing video jobs.

Our business was founded on a passion for photography and videography and a desire to put the customer to the forefront, ahead of profits, and focus on the artistic side of the products we provide.
About Us, our team, and our family.
Chris with his mother and niece.
Chris with his niece.
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Chris (Lead Photographer)
Kurt (Assistant)
Though we are a separate legal entity, Fantastic Photography took over where H Squared Photo and Video left off. Using the same primary photographer, we continued the passion, effort, vision, and support for previous clients by taking over the gallery hosting sites, review sites, and everything else we could to maintain services for previous clients.

The videography department is under new management as of April 2017. Video editing is being completed jointly by our new team member Jaymee and I, and we now offer highlight videography as well.  I have  long had a passion to capture videography as beautiful as my photography, as you can tell by viewing my very first highlight video: Click Here completed with our new Sony a7sii camera and associated gear as well as our existing equipment in support.

Owned H Squared Photo and Video and is now mentally disabled and not involved with Fantastic Photography or personally with Chris in any way whatsoever.

Started commercial Wedding Photography in January 2012.
Primary photographer for over 200 weddings.
Experienced photographer since 2001.
Used advanced digital cameras for 15 years.
High level of technical and artistic skills.
Has been accepted into private art collection showings and juried exhibitions in the Hampton Roads area.
Continuously accepted into art exhibits at the Charles H. Taylor Art Center.

Photographic assistant since 2014. Secondary photographer and videographer

Joined our team in 2017!

When you support Fantastic Photography you help support Chris, Chris' mother and niece who has special needs, Kurt, Jaymee, and her son.