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Sometimes if you wait for a moment you miss it by the time you press the shutter, but if you're already shooting in the moment you catch the image. This is the power of burst photography. We take more photos to capture better moments, and give our clients the best of the best. We provide between 75 and 150 images per hour of shooting. Keep reading to learn why we do this better than anyone else!
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When I tell other professional photographers that I can see exactly how I mix ambient light and flash in my viewfinder while shooting in burst without any shutter lag for focusing and seeing exactly what I just took in the viewfinder during every shot of the burst, there’s one frequent response: “Wow.”
This is why my reception and low-light photos are so high quality, with so many wonderful facial expressions. No other cameras have the advantages that Sony SLT cameras have, and I've had seven years experience in perfecting how I use them.
See a recent (September 2nd, 2018) wedding reception here.

A snippet from our Frequently Asked Questions sheet we give to all of our clients:

1. What is the biggest difference between you and other photography businesses?
• Travel is included in your quote unless otherwise specified!
• No markup on prints through your on-line gallery. We will keep markups as low as possible, they have been 0% since 2014! You also never have to pay to keep your gallery up! Your gallery is guaranteed to be up for one year but has no set expiration date. Every gallery we've ever given a client is still up!
• We are also the only photographers that show you entire weddings on our website, how we take images, and how we edit images, so you know what you are getting with us.

2. One of the differences between you and other photographers is that you shoot in burst mode very often. Why do you shoot in burst mode?
• Several images taken in a moment raises the chances of capturing amazing split second moments where everything is just right.
• Better facial expressions are captured because displeasing images can be left out in favor of images with better smiles, no blinking, and fewer awkward expressions.
• Most photographers “get the shot” and then stop shooting. We get amazing images because we keep shooting and shooting and get even better and better shots.
• Some photographers wait for that one moment and shoot one image. We wait for perfect moments as well, but we take several images in the moment, raising the chances of having amazing images that turn out perfectly. Facial expressions change in an instant. If someone blinks, bites their lip, or makes an awkward expression split second we will have other images a split second later or before. We get more “keepers” and more split second amazing moments shooting in burst.

3. Why can't other photographers shoot in burst as successfully as you can?
Unlike traditional DSLR cameras, our cameras have special technology that allows us to see the image (ambient light) we are about to get in the viewfinder before we take the shot, and then we see the image we just shot in the viewfinder after we took it (the ambient exposure plus the light from our flash if we're using flash). We can even review the image in the viewfinder and zoom in to check finer details without ever taking the camera away from our eyes. With traditional DSLRs other photographer's can't see the image they are about to get, and their viewfinders will go black with every shot taken. They can't see the images they are taking during a burst unless they stop shooting, take the camera away from their heads, press review, and review the images, which could cause them to miss moments while they are trying to make sure their camera settings were correct. With our cameras if the light suddenly changes we can see and correct our settings from it live, even mid-burst. Even our flashes work fundamentally differently than others, with perfect rotation and a single control to raise and lower flash values that can be used simultaneously while shooting!

To see more of our frequently asked questions, please contact us for a quote!
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